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Montreal - July 4, 2022

A powerful return for the Unité sans violence project and its school-year-end recognition activities after a pandemic-induced hiatus.

This year, the important end of the year USV Day was decentralized in five districts. Neighbourhood Stations 48, 44, 27, 30 and 22 all planned a day to recognize the involvement of students from grades 5 and 6, from schools representing more than 1,000 childeren. The biggest get-together took place in Thomas-Chapais Park near Neighbourhood Staion 48, with more than 500 students.

Note that the Unité sans violence Project saw the light if day around 15 years ago through the commitment of SPVM Officer Manon Vouligny, and since then, Info-Crime Montréal has financially supported the project, which is supervised by socio-community officers on the ground. It is worth mentioning that Info-Crime has so far invested more than $250,000 in the project. This year, our recognition activities took place between June 13 and 20 and in every case the initiative rewarded participants for their involvement in preventing violence and bullying at school. Some activities took place in school and others outside, with demonstrations by some SPVM intervention units, including the Tactical Intervention Group, the canine K-9 Unit, members of the Cavalry and Motorcycle Squad, all of which were of interest to young students, and even their teachers. Every end of the school year activity also offered a noontime lunch, to the great delight of the students.

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